We offer a wide range of services for your special day,and would recommend booking an appointment with one of our wedding advisors to ensure every detail is covered. You can call or email us to book an appointment.
Please find a few examples from our portfolio below:


Wedding Price List

Brides Bouquet

Hand Tied                From £80.00

Pear Shape               From £120.00 (Roses, Carnations, Freesia & Gyp)

Showers                    From £140.00

Long Tied                 From 40.00


Small                       From £80.00 (Pear Shape) 

Long Tied               From £20.00 (6 Red Roses)

Posy                         From £35.00

Basket                     From £25.00

Hoops                      From £50.00

Parasol                    From £50.00

Head Dress

Crown                     From £40.00 (Children £25.00)

Comb                      From £25.00

Alice Band              From £30.00


Mixed Freesia        From £7.00 (with gyp 70p extra)

Orchid                    From £7.00


Carnations                £1.20 Each

Double Carnations   £2.40 Each

Rose                           £3.50 Each

Double Rose              £7.00 Each

For Children – Spray Carnation Buttonholes 50p Each


Pews  (3 Carnations, Gyp &Ribbon)  From £7.00     (attach Themselves)

Pews  (3 Carnations, Gyp &Ribbon)  From £9.00     (attach by us)

Arrangement Altar                           From £60.00

Large Arrangements                        From £40.00


Top Table                     From £35.00

Posy                               From £10.00

Table Garlands            From £40.00 (addition £10.00 per extra foot)


Cake Arrangements    From £15.00 Per Tier

Thank You

Bouquets                        From £20.00

Arrangements                From £25.00

Basket Arrangements   From £25.00

Hand Tieds                    From £25.00


Only    Carnations Buttonholes    £1.50 Each